11 week Womb Awakening on VIDEO

Do you want to: 

-   Embark on a transformational journey?
Learn to take full responsibility for your life?
Explore the deeper Womb Awakening practices?
Release your Womb from trauma and wounding?
Clear yourself from your ancestral pain and suffering?
Connect to the divine masculine and release yourself from imprints received through the wounded masculine?
Explore your feminine distortions and consciously move away from them?
Learn how to work on a collective level and heal your collectively held wounding
Connect to your divine femine energy and essence?
Learn how to set energetic boundaries?
Have greater clarity on your true purpose?
And start the rest of your amazing life that lays ahead of you?

Enjoy a stronger connection with yourself? 
Feel more centered and self-aware? 
Gain a new sense of self-love and self-worth?

`The Womb remembers what the mind has forgotten`

11 Week Womb Awakening Cycle on VIDEO


Are you ready for a deep journey into your Sacred Space: your Womb? But do you feel resistance to do this in group and one-to-one is too expensive for you? 

This might be your solution! I have recorded all the Womb Awakening practices on video, so you can clear your Womb Space in your own time and space.

Did you know that your Womb is like a magnet and when we have imprints received by others or energetically still hold on to trauma that you have experienced you are keeping yourself in a dynamic that gives us the same old story again and again and again?

Download my free video here, so you can listen to a more detailed version of the benefits of healing and transforming your womb energy.

What is included?

  •  11 videos including a preparation practice for grounding and connection, detailed practical information about the practice and a practice. Each video is approximately 1 hour.
  • Online e-mail support.


Price: €333

If you have already completed the 3 week Introduction course the price will be €258.

What will we be doing:

Week 1 
In this first week we will clear the clutter from our body, organs, bones, cells and DNA that has prevented us to fully connect to the heart and the womb. A very powerful practice to help you prepare for the deeper journeys.

Week 2
This week I give you the opportunity to learn how your Womb communicates with you. Through sound, words, a voice, a knowing a feeling. To discover the way you can communicate we can trust our deepening journey.

Week 3
This is the first real healing journey through your Womb and you will be taught how to work with your own Manifested Light, that comes directly from source. This is a very empowering ceremony to discover and feel that you have the healing abilities inside of yourself.

Week 4
We will kick off in our first deepening ceremony with one of my favorites, which is ancestral healing. In this healing we are connecting to our ancestors AND to our very first ancestor that holds the clear blueprint of our lineage before any pain and trauma.

Week 5
In the fifth week we will release ourselves from imprints that we have received through the distorted masculine. Once we cleared these, we are ready to invite in the divine masculine energy.

Week 6
It is time to 'own our shit' as of this week. We get the chance to look at our own distortions and manipulations and I teach you a way to consciously move away from them. This is the initiation into your divine feminine.

Week 7
We deepen the work of our feminine distortions and start to clear them on a collective level. We receive clarity on how deeply we run these distorted patterns on a personal AND collective level.

Week 8
This week we are diving into relationship patterns that are not helping us. We are clearing our womb from boundary violating relationship patterns such as energetic invasion. But we also take a close look to where we are leaking away our precious energy and call this energy back into our womb and body. Clearing these patterns allows us to celebrate our womb and our entire being as a Sacred Temple.

Week 9
This week we are clearing a very important unhealthy relationship pattern: Co-dependency. Clearing these bonds means you are vertically aligning yourself and learning how to fill yourself with your own source energy. Other people's energy will no longer be needed.

Week 10
Immersion in the feminine Black Light, a deep shamanic practice. This is the ultimate womb practice and an absolute game changer.  It is also THE practice to meet your inner sacred woman; your inner guide. Make sure you plan as little as possible after this session so you can spend time in nature.

Week 11
In the final week we will restore your connection to the earth and the universe and allow these two beautiful energies to connect into your Sacred and healed Womb. It is restoring you back into your natural feminine connection.