Hi I am Marjolein,

I was born and raised in Holland but currently living on Ibiza, My self discovery journey started in 2009 when I got my first burn-out and I went to Ibiza to heal. Here I was introduced to different meditations and mindfullness techniques especially focussing on opening my heart. I started diving within myself and in 2012 I moved, together with my partner, to Ibiza. I needed to get away from the busy life Holland was giving me and Ibiza was calling me.

It was on this amazing island that I became a mother (2014) and struggled a lot to integrate that new part of me. During my pregnancy I had felt so in connection with myself but after giving birth (very traumatic) I completely disconnected. I felt into an old trap: work and money. I felt I was fighting constantly what life was giving me and was feeling depressed. I didn't believe in myself, struggled with self-love and acceptance and my masculine energy was in overdrive. I didn't focus on any emotion, just kept exercising and working hard so I didn't have to feel these uncomfortable feelings and emotions. Until I got ill. This illness was the turning point, although I had to struggle 2 years with pneumonias to open up and learn to communicate with my body. I do know now that this was my ´wake-up´ moment. I worked with some amazing therapists here on the island who have helped me to move through and reconnect to myself. 


In october 2017 I was introduced to sacred womb work. I followed an online course with Diana Beaulieu and this has turned my life upside down. 2 Months after finishing the program, I changed career and stopped my busy rental company. I decided to continue my journey with her and signed up for an intense winter program to deepen the Womb work. Little did I know how many changes would follow the year after. We all know about opening our hearts and how to live from the heart. But if we want to fully ground and manifest this within our feminine core of creation we need to connect to our hearts AND our wombs. There is such a hidden treasure waiting to be found.

As this was such an amazing and life changing circle I immediately grabbed the possibility and gained a spot in the prestigious and acknowledged Sacred Womb Awakening Practitioners Training by Diana Beaulieu.

 Working with our sacred womb is one of the greatest gifts to give to yourself. It will turn your life upside down and you need to be prepared for it, but after each session I am so amazed how strong and accurate this work is.

Connecting with my Womb helped me to open up to a more Shamanic path. Currently I am working through the Inca Medicine wheel and collecting more tools to work with and I am embodying the Shaman in me.

I am learning along the way how to use these techniques in an appropriate way. And in the extension of this work I have taken myself into the healing powers of Connected Breathwork. Breathwork has shown me that it is an incredible healing tool to use and what I like most about this is, that it is 100% natural and available to us at all times. 

I truly believe in the power of self healing and our abilities to do this. I empower men and women to become their own healer and to awaken to the medicines they have within. This is the foundation for all of my sessions. I am here to help you heal yourself, but I am not your healer.

If you would like to know more about me and you would like to explore the possibilities, send me a message to book a 15 minute discovery call for free!