Hi I am Marjolein,

I was born and raised in Holland but currently living on Ibiza, My self discovery journey started in 2009 when I got my first burn-out and I went to Ibiza to heal. Here I was introduced to different meditations and mindfullness techniques especially focussing on opening my heart. I started diving within myself and Ibiza became from that moment on my healing path. And so I decided to move here in 2012 to unfold more of myself.

From a busy career lady, I am transforming myself into the free spirit. My life journey it is to become as free as possible. Being self employed and stepping out of the believe patterns that we have to work ridicoulous hours per week to earn money was one of the biggest moves to start with. But there is so much more to explore. It is my life’s purpose to unravel the mysteries of life and to share this with those or are willing to hop on this journey with me.


In october 2017 I was introduced to sacred womb work. I followed an online course with Diana Beaulieu and this has turned my life upside down. Little did I know how many changes would follow the year after. We all know about opening our hearts and how to live from the heart. But if we want to fully ground and manifest this within our feminine core of creation we need to connect to our hearts AND our wombs. There is such a hidden treasure waiting to be found.

As this was such an amazing and life changing course I immediately grabbed the possibility and gained a spot in the prestigious and acknowledged Sacred Womb Awakening Practitioners Training by Diana Beaulieu. Working with our sacred womb is one of the greatest gifts to give to yourself. It will turn your life upside down and you need to be prepared for it, but after each session I am so amazed how strong and accurate this work is.

I truly believe in the power of self healing and this work is all about it. It truly empowers you and it will help you to step up. As a Sacred Womb Awakening Practitioner with more then 10 years of experience in exploring self growth and self responsability I mainly help my clients to find their true purpose in life in a very safe and grounded way.