4 week Ancestral Healing

Healing our Feminine Ancestors
Healing our Masculine Ancestors
Liberating ourselves from Ancestral beliefs and wounding
Restoring our Ancestral wisdom

Ancestral Healing Breathwork


Ancestral Healing Journey

I am super excited to offer this 4 week journey to you! Ancestral Healing has been (and still is) huge for me on my personal journey and this program has been in the cauldron for over a year.

Normally I work mainly with women, but this program is designed for both men and women!

In 4 weeks I will take you on a journey into healing our Ancestral wounding. This can bring a lot of change in family dynamics and it can be clarifying a lot. It can bring understanding into current situations that you may be in.

A lot of wounded behavior can actually stem from Ancestral trauma. And in the Western world we do not question our lineage, whilst this is what we are going to do here!

During these 4 ceremonies I will help you to:

  • Heal your Masculine and Feminine Ancestors and clearing the Ancestral Lines
  • Clear the patterns, beliefs, imprints, trauma, emotions that you have received through your Ancestral Lineages
  • Create a deeper connection with your Ancestors
  • Feel a deeper layer of support throughout your daily life
  • Remember Ancestral wisdom and reintegrating these gifts into your being
  • Breathe yourself into liberation and into a new version of you
  • Understand that many stories we carry are not ours.

The circle will be held on:
Friday: 22nd of April
Friday: 6, 20, 27th of May

Time: 10.30-12.00 CET

Price: 99 euro

We will connect through Zoom. And recordings of the ceremonies will be made. For those on the program and needing some support, there will be the option to a Whatsapp Group. 

What are we touching?

Week 1
In the first week we focus on setting an intention for this 4 week journey and dive deep into the Feminine Lineage. We will clear the imprints that we have received through our ancestors from our Womb/Hara and I will be guiding you into a connection with your feminine ancestors. Those feminine ancestors who are ready to receive the healing vibration will be given this through you!

Week 2
In this week we will focus on healing our masculine ancestors and the distortions or imprints that we may have received through them. I will guide you into connecting with them and they are also free to receive the healing vibration into their Hara´s. To close this ceremony we will invite all ancestors to stand behind us and share their message with you.

Week 3
There is an ancestor who lived before pain and trauma ran through the lineages. And I will take you on a deep soul journey to connect to this very first ancestor. To see, feel, know what she is doing and to bring this blueprint back into your life and body. So your body remembers and knows these codes of wisdom.

Week 4
Breathwork time! I love Ancestral Healing Breathwork. It is a style that I have created together with my mentor. It is conscious connected breathwork that takes you deep into your subconscious. And it liberating you from any blocks, stagnations, beliefs or energies that you are in this moment ready to let go of. It is a rite of passage into a new version of you!