Blissfinderz Journey of your Soul
Join this 5 months transformational circle

Release emotional, energetic and physical blocks
Heal your ancestral wounds and trauma
Heal your childhood wounds and trauma
Balance and restore your feminine and masculine energies
Heal your core wound in life
Release yourself from unnecessairy masks
Shadow work
Soul Retrieval
Remember your gifts

Align yourself with your soul's mission
Create an abundant and flowing life with joy and pleasure


Blissfinderz winter circle: The Journey of your SOUL


This winter is going to be a spectacular one. I am opening my doors for 4 courageous women who are ready to transform their lives and who want to come into full alignment with their soul’s purpose.

Over the past year I have gathered a lot of new tools to use and in this circle. I learned new (shamanic) healing techniques, am being trained as a Breathwork Facilitator and discovered the power of plant medicine. All of this (don't worry if you are not into plant medicine, this is optional) is being combined in this powerful and life changing circle.

There will be plenty of opportunity to work with me in private ceremonies to take the journey even to a deeper level. Hence there will be a discovery call to discuss your personal intention.

It is called the journey of the Soul because we are going to dive deep into our Soul’s wishes. Clearing everything that is not in our highest good. So in other words: we are going to heal the sh&^*t out of ourselves. Looking at all aspects of our lives and clearing the path for us to shine. There is no light without darkness, and no darkness without light.

This circle is based on healing and restoring the following aspects in our lives:

  • Releasing emotional, energetic and physical blocks
  • Heal Ancestral trauma and wounding
  • Heal Childhood trauma and wounding
  • Restore the masculine and feminine energies
  • Heal your core wound in life (I am not good enough, I am not strong enough, I am not worth of love of life etc)
  • Shadow work & releasing your masks
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Reconnection to your Soul’s mission and remembering your gifts
  • Restore your connection with the earth

What will we be doing?

Part of the work will be done in circle and part of the work will be done in private ceremonies. In the circles and the private ceremonies I will be using a combination of Womb Awakening, Shamanic Healing & Breathwork, Rebirth & Holotropic Breathwork and the Drum medicine. Each of us is in such a different journey that I will tune in on what it is you need in that specific moment.

Included in this program is:

1x personal intake to set the intention for the circle (1 hour)
1 Private Temazcal (Date TBC)
1 Constellation (Date TBC)
1 Shamanic drumming ceremony
10 circles (2x per month)
5 private ceremonies (and the option to book more if you would like with a discount)
1 Fire ceremony

The circles will be held on:

Monday 2, 30 november 2020
Tuesday 17 november 2020
Monday 14 december 2020
Monday 11, 25 january 2020
Monday 8, 22 february 2020
Monday 8,22 march 2020

Time 10.00 – 13.00

Location: At my home in San Carlos and different locations TBA.

Price €1199,00

If you wish to include plant medicine into your journey, please discuss this with me during your intake session.