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BlissFinderz women’s circle 2019


The second Blissfinderz circle will take place from September 2019. This circle is created for every woman who feels that she is being called to rediscover herself, to explore her feminine side, who wants to find her authentic self and true purpose in life and who wants to experience a new sense of self worth and self respect.

During this circle we will be working towards the Black Light Ceremony, which is the deepest Womb experience you can have. It will give you the possibility to see who you really are, without any masks or disguises. But in order to jump into the Black Light, there is preparation and healing to do. Each of the session has a different subject and there will be plenty of time for integration and feedback.

During these 9 weeks I will facilitate to you:

  • Connect to your feminine core and connecting your heart (love) and womb (power)

  • Having a greater clarity on your true purpose

  •  Set stronger personal boundaries

  • Enjoy a stronger connection to your physical and energetic body

  • Gain a new sense of self-worth and self-respect

  • Clear your womb from trauma

  • Be more open to receive love and abundance through your womb

  •  Feel fee from outworn and restrictive relationship patterns

  • Feel fee from outworn and restrictive relationship patterns

I have availability for 10 beautiful, strong, courageous and adventurous women who dare to call back their energy. Who dare to step out of their comfort zone. Who dare to roar, dance and sing. Who dare to step up and embrace their femininity. Who dare to be vulnerable and who want to find their bliss.

The circle will be held on:

tuesday 10, 17, 24 september 2019
tuesday 1, 8, 22,29 October 2019
tuesday 5,12 November 2019
Time 10.00 – 13.00

Location: A beautiful MotherYurt in San Llorenzo

Price €399,00



What will we be doing?

Week 1
Introduction and setting clear intention for the following weeks. Here we will activate our 3 feminine centers which will be the first gentle connection to our Womb.

Week 2
Today we will make a more conscious connection to our Womb and we will remember the stories she wants to tell.

Week 3
We will be do a healing ceremony with manifested light. See what our Womb wants to heal in this moment.

Week 4
Time for our ancestors! We will be doing a very strong ancestal ceremony, releasing any trauma and memories that we carry within our Womb from our ancestral lineage.

Week 5
In week 5 we will be working on the distorted masculine imprints we are holding on to in our Sacred Womb Space and we will have the experience of receiving the divine masculine light.

Week 6
Diving into relationship patterns that are not helping us, and clearing our womb from boundary violating relationship patterns such as energetic invasion, leaking womb and vampirism. Clearing these patterns allows us to celebrate our womb and our entire being as a Sacred Temple.

Week 7
Another session to work on our sacred boundaries, but this week we will be working on Co-Dependant  bonds. And how this effects our lives and how this shapes your Womb.

Week 8
Immersion in the feminine Black Light, a deep shamanic practice. This is the ultimate womb practise and an absolute game changer.  It is also THE practice to meet your inner sacred woman; your inner guide. Make sure you plan as little as possible after this session so you can spend time in nature.

Week 9
Last week of the circle. Here we will take time to reflect on the last 9 weeks and we will do an integration practice where we are connecting our heart & Womb to the earth.