Book your Bliss

There are several possibilities to work with me, both online as in-person. You can book one session or you can go for a more intense program.

Sacred Womb Awaking Retreat 2019
June 2019 I organise my own Retreat, all about Sacred Womb Awaking. See how this can help you and what the program and location is about on the special page about this amazing retreat. Sacred Wom Awaking Retreat 2019.

Single session
Just a one time experience to connect to your womb and to see if this work is for you, or if you feel that you need to refresh or deepen the work. This can be done live here on Ibiza, but Skype sessions are possible too. The session will take approximately 1 hour. Contact me to book a session. 
Price €95,00

Multiple sessions
There are several package deals to be made. So if the question that arises in the single session for example we can make a plan to do multiple sessions.

Blissfinderz Ibiza experience
This is a unique program that I am running on Ibiza. You will be staying at our place and immerse yourself within our family and the energy and nature of Ibiza. We will dive deep into our wombs and we will discover our truth. This program is designed up to your needs and if you are interested in the program please contact me, so we can discuss the possibilities. This is an absolute once in a lifetime experience!


Signature program
The signature program is a special program specifically designed for you. It is a one on one deep dive into your womb and an intensive coaching program. Here you can read more. 


Meet me at an Event
Have a look at the program of the events I join and meet me there for a session. 


Contact me to book any of these sessions or if you have questions.