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Thank you so much for taking the time to explore if you feel the call to work and connect with me.

In all the sessions I offer, I would like to emphasize that I strongly believe in the self healing ability of every human being. All my sessions are based on this foundation. I help and facilitate how to connect to this inner strength and how to heal yourself. The tools I use during these sessions vary from different techniques that I have learned over the past 10 years. There are several ways to work with me, which I am explaining here.

Video on demand courses
Some of us don't feel safe when they journey with other people and I totally understand this. Up to this summer I could only offer these women to work with me in private sessions which is not the cheapest option. Therefor I have created  on demand video content which gives you the opportunity to work in your own space and in your own pace. There are 2 video courses I am offering: Listen to the voice within and a Full Womb Awakening cycle.

Online LIVE courses
With the current situation in the world I have been forced to offer my work more and more in the online realm. And I love it!!! The main reason for it is the online it becomes even more clear how you have to do it yourself! I can honestly say that 80% of my sessions are done online. This way I am able to help men and women anywhere in the world and I love it. At the moment I am offering Womb Awakening and Connected Breathwork online courses to join.

 Private ceremonies
In a private ceremony we look at what it is that you are needing. This could be a one time experience or it could be that we create a package deal in which we will be using a mix of shamanic healing journeys, connected breathwork and Womb Awakening ceremonies. A private ceremony takes between 60-120 minutes and depends on the technique we are using.

Specific theme approach
This is applicable when you would like to work around a specific theme in your life. Think about working around birth trauma, pregnancy trauma, healing the mother wound, healing around abuse (sexual, emotional, physical), preparing for pregnancy, connecting to your souls purpose, balancing the masculine and feminine energies etc. This requires some preparation work and in a separate 15 minute introduction call we will decide which way we will go and which sessions will be applicable.

Find Your Bliss in 2021
This is a unique program that I am running on Ibiza. You will be staying at our place and immerse yourself within our family and the energy and nature of Ibiza. This program is designed up to your needs and if you are interested in the program please contact me, so we can discuss the possibilities. This is an absolute once in a lifetime experience! For more information: Find Your Bliss in 2021.

There is also an online version of the Find Your Bliss! Just to meet your wishes regarding the restrictions we are meeting at the moment.

Would you like to know more? Contact me!