Soul Retrieval &
Womb Awakening 
Are you: 

-    Lacking energy?
Exhausted after a full day?
Taking care of everyone around you but yourself?
Lacking vital energy?
Trying to manifest things, but everything fails?
Feeling a deep sense of emptiness?
Feeling lonely?


4 hour power circle 
Soul Retrieval & Womb Awakening

If you recognise yourself in the questions above, chances are you are missing vital and important parts of your energy. Often this happens when we are shattered due to traumatic events OR we are leaking our energy out to others. Whatever this reason may be, it is in our highest good if we call this energy back.

In short: trauma or traumatic events shatter our energy and leaves us with a feeling of emptiness. And if we don't 'fill our cup' we remain shattered.

On saturday the 9th of October 2021 I am organizing a 4 hour power circle where we are going to find out what it is that leaves us empty AND I am teaching you how you can fill this up again!

This is for those who have done some work around themselves and know how to take responsibility for their lives. If you would like to apply, please send me a message and I will do an intake call to see if you are ready to do this work.

We will be connecting through Zoom and background information regarding the practices will be send to you.

What is included?

  • Video practice to awaken your 3 feminine centers (preparation)
  • Recordings of the ceremony
  • Podcast to continue with your Soul Retrieval
  • 4 hour deep healing experience

The online circle will be held on:

Saturday  9 October 2021
Time 10.00-14.00 CET


Price: €129,-


What will we be doing:

Soul Retrieval
When we experience something traumatic or an event that has impacted us on some level it happens that parts of our energy gets lost. In shamanic medicine this is called Soul Loss. Soul loss is what causes us to feel empty, to have no sense of who we are or what we are worth and is gives us often a feeling of loneliness. When we are missing energy of ourselves, often we are trying to fill this up with substitutes or other people energies. 

To reverse this we can start to call back parts of our soul (energy) which is in shamanic medicine called Soul Retrieval. The calling back of our soul will give us a sense of who we are and is a big journey. In this workshop I will be teaching you how to call back the missing parts of your soul and it will give you the opportunity how to continue doing this. You will also receive a podcast with a practice that can be done daily.

Womb Awakening
There are various reasons why energy has shattered. It could be an event, it could be that we have received imprints from people around us, it could be that we are leaking energy out because we think we need to safe somebody. Whatever the cause may be, we can find the memory inside of our Womb. So we are going to dive into our Sacred Womb Space to see what memory has left you shattered and we are doing a strong healing ceremony around this topic. Womb Awakening is a strong energy practice and when your womb energy is clear, you are attracting more life situations that are aligned with your soul's mission. In this workshop I will be taking you on a journey into your sacred space, finding the answer within.