3 week introduction workshop
April/May 2020


Do you want to: 

-    Explore Womb Awakening practices?
Release clutter from your body and soul? Feel more grounded?
Enjoy a stronger connection with yourself? Heal and release your Womb from trauma?
Feel more centered and self-aware? 
Gain a new sense of self-love and self-worth?
  Connect to your femine power?


3 Week Online Workshop -
An introduction to Womb Awakening

This short online program has been designed for those who would like to explore working with the Womb. In these 3 weeks I will be teaching you how to be able to activate your Sacred Womb Space, how to communicate with her and we will be doing a powerful healing ceremony where you will be taught how to work with your own energy and how this can heal your Womb. 

It would be a perfect preparation for those who are feeling the call to work with their Womb. And it is a perfect opportunity for those who are curious but don't want to commit to a longer circle. 

We will be connecting through Zoom and background information regarding the practices will be send to you.

What is included?

  •  3 online 1,5 hour sessions
  • Background information and written practice
  • Whatsapp group for feedback and sharing during the weeks

 The online circle will be held on:

monday 20 & 27 April 2020
monday  4  May 2020

Time 20.30-22.00


Price: €75


What will we be doing:

Week 1
Introduction and setting clear intention for the following weeks and a teaching how to prepare your space. Here we will activate our 3 feminine centers which will be the first gentle connection to our Womb. This activation ceremony is also a clearing of the clutter from your body that has prevented you from connecting fully to your feminine centers. 

Week 2
As a follow up on the first week, we will be taking the time today to connect to our Womb at a more conscious level and we will listen how the Womb wants to communicate with you and what she would like to share with you.  

Week 3
Now that we have activated our Womb and she has shared with us her story it is time to take the work to another level. We will be doing a healing ceremony where we will be healing our Womb with manifested light. A very direct form of light that comes directly from your source. It is very empowering to experience that you have the ability to heal yourself! This is a transformative ceremony!