Did you know that breathwork helps

-    To clear physical, emotional and energetic blocks in your body and energy field?
To relief anxiety and depression?
To clear limited beliefs?
To create a stronger connection with yourself?
Heal and release your body and soul from trauma?
To feel more centered and self-aware? 
To gain a new sense of self-love and self-worth?
  To connect to your feminine and masculine power?
To connect you to your true purpose and to improve your manifestation skills?

My journey of Connected Breathwork started only in September 2020. I have felt the call to work with the breath earlier and noticed that my clients started to request this work. I decided to sign up for a breathwork facilitator course through Innercamp.

Similar as my journey into my Womb, this breathwork teaching, turned out to be a big transformational journey for me too. For 4 months I have been consistently doing connected breathwork on a weekly basis.

In the training we have tried and learned different styles such as Holotropic, Shamanic, Jon Paul Crimi, rebirthing, Transformational Breathwork and Wim Hoff and several Pranayama techniques.

For me personally, I have connected mostly with the more intense breathwork styles and I have learned how to combine them together in different set-ups.

Throughout my training I have noticed how my life has shifted and changed. I have noticed how my heart opened, how I have embraced myself, how I could move through limited beliefs that even were imprinted by the experience of birth. I have been able to forgive my parents and been able to feel and see my own part in this story. And most of all, I have opened up to a more abundant life, more in flow and...full of inspired creation that keeps coming effortlessly.

I have experienced how a weekly practice of breathwork brought my life back into full flow! And I am very passionate to share this work with others. One hour of breathwork can have a similar effect as 5 years of therapy. It takes some courage to step in and to try, but it is an amazing experience!

I would love to have you on board!

Breathe with me! 

Breathwork is an amazing powerful transformational tool. And can you imagine you have this available for you ALWAYS?

There are so many health benefits of healing breathwork, but it is also a very beautiful to clear and heal those old stories that are no longer serving. Have a look here to read more about Healing Breathwork.

In these session I will use different kind of breathwork techniques such as Rebirthing, Shamanic, Holotropic, Jon Paul Crimi and Transformational Breathwork.

Please bring or prepare:

  •  A yoga mat, blanket, comfy clothes, a blindfold and a journal
  • A quiet space where you are not disturbed
  • Please don't eat anything 2 hours before the session
  • Please don't drink any alcohol during the day and hydrate yourself well


*When there are only Dutch people, I will hold space in Dutch.

Please note that all breathwork sessions are for both men and women. I honor a 24 hour cancellation policy and I trust that you have read the contra-indications and checked with me if you can enter the class if you recognize yourself in one of these.

Questions? Send me an e-mail!

What are the dates?

Friday 23rd of January 18.00-20-00 CET - Ancestral Healing Breathwork with Innercamp €20.

If you feel lost in life, have gone through some turbulent times or are looking for some clarity, a shamanic healing session could be extremely beneficial. I will help you connect with your guides in the other realms. The process of controlled and conscious breathing will awaken your inner self. You will learn how to channel your energy through your breathing, and ultimately will strengthen yourself by becoming more in touch with who you really are.

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Saturday 10th of February 10.30-12.30 CET - Ancestral Healing Breathwork Innercamp €20.

Ancestral Healing Breathwork is a connected breathwork style, meaning you are breathing in and out without any pauses between the inhale and the exhale. This way of breathing in combination with music brings you in another state of consciousness where you can find your inner shaman, inner guide, deeper wisdom. Through this breathwork you can clear unresolved emotions, trauma’s and stagnant energies and receive clarity on your path, purpose and life.

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Sunday 20th of February 18.00-20-00 CET - Ancestral Healing Breathwork with Innercamp €20.

This session is similar to the descriptions above! We open sacred space and I will be there to guide you deep into yourself!

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