Did you know that breathwork helps

-    To clear physical, emotional and energetic blocks in your body and energy field?
To relief anxiety and depression?
To clear limited beliefs?
To create a stronger connection with yourself?
Heal and release your body and soul from trauma?
To feel more centered and self-aware? 
To gain a new sense of self-love and self-worth?
  To connect to your feminine and masculine power?
To connect you to your true purpose and to improve your manifestation skills?

My journey of Connected Breathwork started only in September 2020. I have felt the call to work with the breath earlier and noticed that my clients started to request this work. I decided to sign up for a breathwork facilitator course through Innercamp.

Similar as my journey into my Womb, this breathwork teaching, turned out to be a big transformational journey for me too. For 4 months I have been consistently doing connected breathwork on a weekly basis.

In the training we have tried and learned different styles such as Holotropic, Shamanic, Jon Paul Crimi, rebirthing, Transformational Breathwork and Wim Hoff and several Pranayama techniques.

For me personally, I have connected mostly with the more intense breathwork styles and I have learned how to combine them together in different set-ups.

Throughout my training I have noticed how my life has shifted and changed. I have noticed how my heart opened, how I have embraced myself, how I could move through limited beliefs that even were imprinted by the experience of birth. I have been able to forgive my parents and been able to feel and see my own part in this story. And most of all, I have opened up to a more abundant life, more in flow and…full of inspired creation that keeps coming effortlessly.

I have experienced how a weekly practice of breathwork brought my life back into full flow!

The concept Breathwork Thursdays , which I am starting on the 14th of January 2021 can be joined for the full 11 weeks and from my own experience I can say: it’s incredibly transformational.

I would love to have you on board!

Breathwork Thursdays! 

Breathwork is an amazing powerful transformational tool. And can you imagine you have this available for you ALWAYS?

There are so many health benefits of connected breathwork, but it is also a very beautiful to clear and heal those old stories that are no longer serving. Have a look here to read more about Connected Breathwork.

In these session I will use different kind of breathwork techniques such as Rebirthing, Shamanic, Holotropic, Jon Paul Crimi and Transformational Breathwork.

Please bring or prepare:

  •  A yoga mat, blanket, comfy clothes, a blindfold and a journal
  • A quiet space where you are not disturbed
  • Please don't eat anything 2 hours before the session
  • Please don't drink any alcohol during the day and hydrate yourself well

 The sessions will be held on:

Thursday 14, 21, 28 January 2021
Thursday 4, 11, 18, 25 February 2021
Thursday 4, 11, 18, 25 March 2021


If you combine this full circle with the Womb Awakening circle the price will be €449

How can you join?

Every Thursday 10.00-12.00 LIVE on Ibiza
This circle will be held in a private space on Ibiza and will be in person. The spaces here are limited and signing up is necessary. You can choose to drop in or you can sign up for the full 11 weeks.

Single session will be €33 and if you book all 11 sessions it will be €299.

This work is offered for both men and women.

Every Thursday 20.00-22-00 CET ONLINE
This circle will be held online. We will connect through ZOOM. It means you can do this from the safe space of your own house and dive deep into yourself. You can choose to drop in or you can sign up for the full 11 weeks. 

Single session will be €33 and if you book all 11 sessions it will be €299.

If you would like to try Breathwork with me, there is a 1 time offer for €15,- to try it. 

This work is offered for both men and women.