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One day I woke up very early in the morning. It was somewhere in spring and I realized I had a very clear vision during my sleep. And the vision was about the wish to travel more. Travelling has always been a great part of my life and it is a deep wish to combine the work that I do with a gypsy lifestyle. And so in 2018 I decided that over the next coming years I expand my working field all over the world. Here you can follow where and when i will be holding circles and retreats in different countries.


15-22 March 2019 Yoga Retreat Morocco (Essaouira)

I will be offering a Sacred Womb Awakening session during an amazing Yoga Retreat in Morocco. This Yoga Retreat is hosted by 2 of the best Yoga Teachers from Ibiza Carina and Marrejan and I am delighted to be one of their team members. For more information and bookings please click here.

13-19 october 2019 YTIN Ibiza

Our fifth anniversary and a special edition where we will be celebrating all that we have achieved in the last 5 years. This week is a beautiful combination of sport activity, mindfullness and spiritual practises. I will be holding space during this retreat to help and connect to the sacred womb and the sacred feminine. For more information and bookings, please click here.