"Find your Bliss in 2020"

Online Personalized Retreat

Do you feel:

The call to discover who you really are?
The call to really connect to your Femininity?
There is so much more available for you in this life, but you don't know how to connect with it?
Lost and often unsure about your needs?
Your body is telling you something, but you don't know how to respond or work with it?
Ungrounded and unsafe?
Curious and ready for an adventure?
Ready to explore what your true purpose is in life?

And would you like to:

Connect to yourself more deeply?
Reset your life?
Release emotions and energetic blocks that are affecting your everyday life?
Heal your Womb, heart and energy field from trauma and emotional pain?
Learn to listen and connect to your inner guide.
Connect to your feminine essence
Have more self-confidence?
Feel more self love?
Feel more centered and self-aware? 
Feel a new way of surrendering to the flow of life?
Trust life?
 Feel energized, reconnected and 'on'?
Heal deeply from old patterns and behaviors?
Experience your authentic self?
Experience the joy of living?


"Find Your Bliss in 2020" 

This program is 100% tailor-made to what you would like to work on. In this 7 day program we will progressively work towards the goals we set.

Every morning we will be connecting through zoom and we will be doing a Womb Awakening ceremony that is appropriate and accurate for where you are at in the moment.

There are plenty of themes to work on in this weeks, but I am giving you a small idea of the possibilities within Womb Awakening.

  • Preparing the Womb for pregnancy and clearing old energies that are still there
  • Having a closer look at your relationship patterns and learn how to set healthy boundaries
  • Reclaiming your feminine gifts and clearing the distorted feminine
  • Clearing and healing the motherwound and releasing yourself from ancestral pain
  • Find a purpose in your life and gaining a new sense of you.
  • Reclaim your connection to yourself and the earth
  • Healing the womb from birth trauma and abuse trauma
  • Balancing and clearing your feminine and masculine energies





What is included?

  •  30 minute intake call to set the intention and to plan the times for the ceremonies
  • 6 Sacred Womb Awakening ceremonies which will be held in the morning. 
  • 6 hours of coaching and guidance, held in the evening
  • Several Practices to do in the afternoon which help the integration
  • 1 Closing ceremony
  • Recordings of all practices
  • WhatsApp support during the week

 The online retreat will be held :

You have the possibility to plan this week in a period of time that is most suitable for you!  Together we will have a look at the times and the dates that work best in your schedule and busy life. 


Price: €699