This year has for many of us been a year full of challenges. A year of encountering our deepest fears and shadows. A year where it was even more important to set clear boundaries and to transform all of the energies within ourselves.

To really leave this all behind and to start 2022 full of opportunities I am offering a 3 week Connected Breathwork journey. In these 3 weeks we will clear everything that was still in our system and is still affecting us in an unaligned way. I am helping you to create space for new opportunities to come to the surface and to be much more in alignment with yourself or to forge an even deeper connection to yourself.

We will gather 3 times, on Tuesday 30 November, 7 and 14 December from 18.30 - 21.00 CET.

Session 1
On the 30th of December we will set the intention to clear everything that got attached to us this year. The fear, the anger, the resentment, the lack of freedom that we can feel deep inside of us. We clear this so the stagnant energy inside of our bodies can flow freely again.

Session 2
On the 7th of December we will set the intention to forgive ourselves, so we can really allow the self-love into our lives. All the block around the self-love and the limiting beliefs about ourselves can be cleared.

Session 3
On the 14th of December, our final session, we will have a look at our future and we will set the intention to invite in all we want from 2022. Of course clearing the limiting beliefs around our abundance, trust and support that we have at all times, but sometimes have not been able to connect with.

Breathwork helps to connect to your authentic self
Connected Breathwork is a powerful healing tool to connect to your authentic self, to love yourself and to heal yourself. You are being challenged to breathe intensely in and out through your mouth without any breaks for a period of time. The goal is to create a flow of energy in and out of the body that helps to release emotions, stagnant energy, memories, trauma and beliefs that ar no longer serving so you can create a strong(er) love connection to yourself. Allowing your life to be in full flow of trust, abundance and freedom. Have a look here to read more about connected breathwork.

PRICE: €99
Language: English
You need: Yogamat, quiet space, eye mask (optional), blanket & comfortable clothes.

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