"Nourish your soul and feel safe"


Online Weekend Retreat

3-5 april  



Do you feel:

-        Fear and anxiety?
Unsure and insecure
Ungrounded and unsafe?
Sad and in a state of grief?
Disconnected from yourself

And would you like to:

Feel grounded and supported in these times?
Feel more centered and self-aware? 
Feel a new way of surrendering to the flow of life?
Trust life?
 Connect to the incredible power of Mother Earth?
Connect to your feminine power center: The Womb?


"Nourish your Soul & Feel safe"
Online retreat

This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection to the earth or to (start to) create a strong foundation with mother earth. In these times of insecurity and not knowing what will happen, the only thing we have is being in the present and in our bodies. These 3 days are designed to give you tools to help you get into your body and connect to the earth. This will ultimately lead to a feeling of being safe and supported despite anything that is happening around you.

Through Zoom we will be connecting on friday, saturday and sunday morning from 10.00-12.00. In the evening there will be another session to connect for deeper reflections and support.

The program will be as follows, but as always, there might be changes if this appropriate and for the groups highest good.

What is included?

  •  3 online 2 hour sessions in the morning and 3 online 1 hour sessions in the evening
  • Recordings of all practices
  • Private WhatsApp support over the weekend

 The online retreat will be held on:

friday 3rd to sunday 5th of april 2020

Time 10.00-12.00 & 20.00-21.00


Price: €99


What will we be doing:

Friday 3 april 2020

  • Welcome ceremony
  • Explaination how to create a safe space and open this safe space
  • Womb Awakening practice rooting deeply into the earth and exploring our connection to mother earth.
  • Explanation of the practice for the day: creating a mood board


  • Reflection on the moodboards that were created and also how you are connected and what insights you did receive during the day.
  • Relaxation Womb & Heart practice for good sleep
  • Closing Safe Space for today

Saturday 4 april 202010.00-12.00

  • Opening of Safe space
  • Rattling practice
  • Listen to the Womb what emotions are present, on the surface and would like to be released. We want to get clarity what is holding you back to being in the present.
  • There will be time for reflection and we will be doing a clearing and transforming of these emotions and memories which are no longer serving you. We will be clearing this from both your Womb as well as your energyfield (illuminous body)


  • Storytelling night
  • Time for reflection after integrating the session of the morning
  • Closing safe space

Sunday 5 april 2020

  • Opening of the safe space
  • Welcoming into the circle
  • Soul Retrieval, we are going to call back all shattered parts of ourselves that we have lost and are ready to return to our body, soul, womb and energy field. This practice will help you to feel more full, complete and safe.


  • Reflection of the 3 days
  • Practice to send gratitude & love into the earth
  • Closing ceremony