What people say about Blissfinderz
Marjolein is just a warm-hearted, friendly and intuitive intelligent guide with this special feeling for what you need and should work on to find the very best in you - even if you have covered it up with a huge amount of layers you've lost yourself in. I am very thankful for her support and help to get started in finding out where I got lost and to start to discover who and where I am. I hope I get a chance one day to go much deeper into all this great work. I can and do highly recommend to join her sessions if you would like to know about the Womb connection and can only encourage everyone to ask her for an eye to eye session if you want to have an even deeper and unmasked look into your self - you will be surprised about the findings.
I am very thankful for all your support and guidance, Marjolein, and I wish you only the very best. You are just wonderful and a true gift. Love & Light
To me Marjolein is a very special and beautiful woman. Her natural, calm and open way of connecting and communicating makes it that you feel safe and heard.  She is full of compassion and supportive in a way you become grounded and in connection with yourself again.
I’m so grateful for her coming my way.
Both the womb awakening and the breath work sessions were quite some journeys. They gave me insight in things I’ve never seen, known and felt before. What a beautiful bliss this is!
Your guidance has brought me more in contact with myself and my intuition and I’m forever thankful for that.
What a blissful roller coaster it has been! Marjolein has been the perfect guide over the last few years.
She has taken me on a journey of healing and self-discovery. After a severe burnout some years ago,
I felt really lost in my body and energy but also in my destiny on this planet.
Marjolein supported me in many ways to ground again and (re) connect to myself from within. The biggest breakthrough for me was during her 6 weeks live circle. She is such a natural space-holder in creating a safe and open atmosphere for everybody to tap into their own story without losing touch with the whole. It has been a very creative process as well.
Halfway during the circle I realised something huge has shifted. A liberating experience of new feelings and being which I am still exploring and opening up to every day.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Marjolein! With much more confidence, trust and understanding I am looking forward to all new chapters in life to come.

I booked a private 1-2-1 womb healing ceremony with Marjolein and it was a very deep healing. Especially because she guided me, but I had to do the work myself, together with my intuition, breath, visualization and spirit guides. I made a conscious connection with my feminine sacred place where all the memories of my ancestors, my trauma's and my stagnated sexual energy was.

I liberated myself from so much old energy. And with a new light and space in my womb I will nourish this sacred space. With light and love and birthing babies and creative manifestations in art and nourishment.


Dear Marjolein, thank you for this 9-week journey. It was a pleasure to hear and feel your energy and at the same time experience your calmth and peacefullness during the sessions.
You really listened to my, sometimes unfollowable, experiences and came with links which I did not thought of myself. Some sessions were more difficult to go through, but others felt very comfortable and clearing. Now I am aware of the important role of the
womb in my life, I will continue to work with my womb and give her a more prominent place.


I have joined Marjolein for a private Find your Bliss retreat beginning of this year. The reason I joined her, was because I was struggling with a lot of stress and anger, and it affected my relationships.

The week was not an easy one. I was confronted with a lot of things I consciously and unconsciously tried to hide and I also started to see my own limited beliefs around myself. In the week I learned to work with my own energy and how to become more in charge of this.

It has been a kickstart to change my life drastically. My stress and anger are still there every now and then, but I can see now that they are warning signs for me that something is not right. My relationship is finally more loving (after 5 years of struggles), I am in touch with my parents again and I am enjoying being around my children.

Besides that I have realized I was not happy in my workalike and decided to change my job and work with children instead of adults. I am so grateful for the week with Marjolein and can highly recommend her to anyone. She has given me the support but also has confronted me in a beautiful way with myself.


Before I met Marjolein I saw my femininity as a burden.
Every month I experience PMS, hormonal migraine and I have had several miscarriages. Because of this program I learnt how to connect with my feminine energy and see my uterus as a creator of so much more than only babies. I also liked that we could do this from home and that Marjolein taped each session, so we can do the practices anytime we need it. Thank you Marjolein, for reconnecting us to our feminine power!


The goal of my journey was to release and residues from past painful relationships from my womb. Marjolein prepared the journey in a very loving way and I felt safe to work with her. She asked permission to my womb to do this work and then we started to breath in blue light. Quickly the whole room started to fill up with a beautiful white light that felt like it was protecting us. The love and protection facilitated by Marjolein and the humbleness towards my process helped me to dive deep within my womb. We released entangled and invasive energies and it is difficult to describe how it felt to release these residues. But after we have done the work my inner goddess showed up and it was an unimaginable experience.I can feel the flow being back in my life and a few weeks after this session I have been offered my dream job and have resolved some relationship issues. I can feel the flow on a very deep and intensive level and I am super grateful for this experience. The goddess in me greats the goddess in you.


During our private session Marjolein helped me to let go of something that happened when I was a child. Still after >20 years this experience followed my (almost daily) life. It was a strong pattern within me and now I felt it was the time to give this feeling space and let it go. We did a wonderful energy practice, releasing co-dependent bonds, in a beautiful circle set in nature. I literally could feel a shift in my whole body. Even now -two months after our session- I feel I could let go of the heaviness of this pattern and feel much more at ease. I feel a kind of forgiveness to this person, which I'd never expected. Thank you so much Marjolein for helping me making this big energy shift and trusting yself that I am able to move on. I feel much lighter. 

Check also my facebook page for more references!

Since the Soul Retrieval ceremony I've had this real calling to work with, and embrace more fully, my masculine energy rather than being scared of it. I am running a men's group later this month to connect with other men through meditation, drumming and dance in order for us to connect with what our idea of healthy masculinity is. I am also balancing this with continuing to nurture the feminine/more emotional energy in me and not relying on the feminine coming through people but instead feeling it as a source energy within.
Our ceremony was really beautiful and it's put me in such a wonderful place of acceptance of where I am as well as clarity about how I grow from here.

The Womb Awakening circle has created a deeper connection with myself. I have discovered the incredible power center within and I can still feel this connection when I put my hands over my Womb or when I talk about it. 

Marjolein has created a very safe space and was able to guide me in a wonderful and gentle way. To do this work from my own home was a big plus for me although I have to say that a virtual hug is different then a real one. 

I am extremely grateful for the renewed connection with my Womb and all the information that has come up. It was not always easy to digest but I have received so many insights about suppressed trauma and limited beliefs about myself, which has helped incredibly. I am happy to have came to a deeper understanding of myself and all the work I have done before the circle and during the circle. 

The final practice gave me a powerful message. My inner sacred woman showed me that I was on my right path. 

The last thing I would like to say is that I have experienced the circle with a lot of emotions, but I also laughed a lot. It was this combination that made it deeply healing. Thank you Marjolein for sharing your wisdom and your feminine power.


I did Marjoleins course in a time where I felt really lost. I broke up with my boyfriend, which meant I had to move house and I didn't have much work (and income) due to the whole Covid crisis. Where before the break-up I'd felt I finally settled down and was actually building up, all of the sudden my whole life seemed to be turned upside down! I didn't know what to do, let alone what I wanted. I could think I wanted something one moment and think the opposite a few moments later. I lost my connection to myself and with that my intuition or (inner) knowing of what I really wanted.

Marjoleins course really helped me to take time for myself again, to go inwards and feel, connect. It helped me to let go of everything I needed to let go off and assisted me in getting back my focus and compass of how to navigate through life.

I'm very grateful for what it brought to me and I can highly recommend it to anyone who feels lost and wants to find their balance and focus again.

Thank you Marjolein! You're amazing!!"


Marjolein's circles have the power to hold a community of women together. She provided the safest of spaces for me to deepen my understanding of myself. The circle was a container in which I had the freedom to feel and express what was happening for me in my life.

The gift of the circle was that I could quickly and easily process thoughts and old beliefs with total understanding from her. I love that she was part of the circle too. She has a unique talent for leading the way with her openness, vulnerability, laughter and honesty whilst also using her skills to help women dive deep and heal. Thank you!


At first I was a bit resistent to do an online program, but I am so so happy I joined the 9 weeks Discover the Power of your Womb. It has been an incredible journey into my womb. Especially the ancestral healing was one which I really enjoyed and which has changed a lot in my life. The support and love that I have felt from my ancestors was such an amazing experience. Especially because I have never really felt support from my parents. I feel much more connected to my family right now and have noticed I am not trying to convince my mother to approve the things I do in life. I KNOW my ancestors are there to support me. Also the other practices were powerful but this one in particular changed a lot! Thank you beautiful angel for your guidance.


I joined Marjolein in her 9 online Sacred Womb Awakening program. With her sparkling energy she has guided me in a journey of discovering the past and the future. She has taught me how to clear my energy and how to keep it this way. She has given me tools and awareness how I can keep my boundaries up in relationships and how to keep my energy clear, which resulted in me experiencing more love. It has been a very empowering journey and I know it is a start of many new things. Thank you!


Marjolein is a wonderful loving person who is open in her communication and always gives it her 200%. Working
with the womb is quite a journey and it never ends. It gives you insight in things you may or may not have known before, but in the end, you will definitely feel more at peace with yourself and maybe even enlightened. Expect the unexpected!


I have met Marjolein during the YTIN retreat on Ibiza. I had meditated before, but I wasn’t aware of the different meditation techniques that are available. Marjolein is the perfect person to discover the power of self awareness and meditation with. Her explanation, techniques and voice are very pleasant and gentle. Her appearance is relaxed and she makes you feel safe with her. I have done a group healing session and a one-on-one session with her. And in both forms she is being guided by what her intuition is telling her and she has the amazing ability to bring the exact right thing to the surface to be healed. She showed me in her sessions how to connect to the womb and the power of this work. I cannot recommend this enough to do this work. I have experienced this as inspiring and I will continue to connect with her. Thank you Marjolein.


I joined Marjolein during her retreat in june 2019. For me during the retreat it felt like have never done anything else then listening to my womb space, trusting in her wisdom and to connect with women who are doing the same. I got so many insights, so much healing, so much power out of it. The group energy was beautiful and I could open wide and stay vulnerable to heal deep inside my womb. And Marjolein, as a Womb Priestess, was holding space for us listening and answering all questions with love and compassion. 

I received a lot of clarity and strenght during these days, which helped me to let go of old energies, which were not helpful anymore. In my case the co-dependency and the distorted masculine practices and then the Black light ceremony touched me the moste. I have experiences a condition in which I truly knew that I am the matter between the stars, as well as the stars itself and that this is also inside of me. I felt so free and in peace with this knowing and I still feel the effect of it in my daily life.