What people say about Blissfinderz

The goal of my journey was to release and residues from past painful relationships from my womb. Marjolein prepared the journey in a very loving way and I felt safe to work with her. She asked permission to my womb to do this work and then we started to breath in blue light. Quickly the whole room started to fill up with a beautiful white light that felt like it was protecting us. The love and protection facilitated by Marjolein and the humbleness towards my process helped me to dive deep within my womb. We released entangled and invasive energies and it is difficult to describe how it felt to release these residues. But after we have done the work my inner goddess showed up and it was an unimaginable experience.I can feel the flow being back in my life and a few weeks after this session I have been offered my dream job and have resolved some relationship issues. I can feel the flow on a very deep and intensive level and I am super grateful for this experience. The goddess in me greats the goddess in you.



I have met Marjolein during the YTIN retreat on Ibiza. I had meditated before, but I wasn’t aware of the different meditation techniques that are available. Marjolein is the perfect person to discover the power of self awareness and meditation with. Her explanation, techniques and voice are very pleasant and gentle. Her appearance is relaxed and she makes you feel safe with her. I have done a group healing session and a one-on-one session with her. And in both forms she is being guided by what her intuition is telling her and she has the amazing ability to bring the exact right thing to the surface to be healed. She showed me in her sessions how to connect to the womb and the power of this work. I cannot recommend this enough to do this work. I have experienced this as inspiring and I will continue to connect with her. Thank you Marjolein.