Find your bliss special signature program

This is a special program designed for you personally. We can work on a specific theme that you want to heal in your life in this moment. According to your needs we design a plan for a certain period of time and we will start to create something magical.

Break through

There are so many themes to think of when doing this program. It could be that you feel that there is a missing piece within yourself that needs to be restored. It can be that you have experienced (sexual or birth) trauma that wants to be healed. It can also be that you want to break through relationship patterns that keep being repeated and you want to understand why and release this. And of course, connecting to your womb means connecting to your feminine center of creation and creativity. There are endless possibilities to work with your Sacred Womb. 

By committing you can...
  • Deeply heal your womb space and awaken the potential of your Sacred Womb.
  • Awaken your authentic feminine power and heal and connect to your feminine energy.
  • Heal the distorted masculine and distorted feminine within you
  • Clear blocks and trauma within your body
  • Become more grounded and safe within your body and create a more powerful and energetic presence through your body.
  • Gracefully release fear and trauma from the womb (miscarriages, sexual trauma etc).

  • Heal ancestral wounds of your motherline.
  • Release invasive energies from your womb and body and distangle yourself from co-dependent and draining relationships
  • Restore your sacred boundaries and become aware of your own energy field and self-respect.
  • Connect to your Inner Sacred Woman, your true self and learn how to use the inner guidance coming from your womb. And trust to listen to this voice.
  • Connect to your passion and purpose and birth new plans and ideas through your womb.
  • Align with your soul’s purpose.


Each session will take approximately 1,5 hours and will be done in the comfort of my beautiful sacred place in San Carlos.  

There are also possibilities to do this work with me online. 


Previous clients have shared that this work has helped them to overcome fear and trauma and they have got a deeper understanding on certain themes in their life. They experience deep changes in setting boundaries, clearer communication and relationships and their life is more flowing abundantly. About my work as a facilitator they share that they enjoy my strong energy and that it makes them feel safe and supported.  For more references and stories please visit this page.