Breathwork can help with the following :

- Releasing limiting beliefs
- Ease anxiety and depression
- Releasing emotions such as anger, rage, grief, fear etc.
- Releasing blockages on an energetic, emotional or physical level
- Establishing a strong(er) connection with yourself
- Opening your heart
- Opening up for new possibilities in life (career, creativity, spiritual insights etc)
- Healing/overcoming trauma on an energetic and emotional level (abuse, birth trauma, childhood trauma, school trauma etc.)
- Becoming aware of and changing your behavioral patterns
- Bringing peace, joy and freedom in your life
- Seeing yourself as who you  really are
- Increasing self-love and overcoming the lack of it

After a Breathwork session you can feel:

- An expanded experience of love
-Enriched gratitude and joy of being alive
- More peace and less stress
- Empowered to create the kind of life you want
- Enhanced physical well-being
- Loving relationships
- In connection with your true infinite nature
- Deep sense of forgiveness
- A deep sense of belonging
- Relief and feeling light


Although Breathwork is very safe, there are a few contraindications that are not allowing participation in a Breathwork Session. If you recognize yourself in any of these contraindications please always let me know in advance and if you have any doubt, always check with a GP if you are allowed to participate.

- Pregnancy
- Chronic pulmonary diseases (COPD, Asthma)
- Cardiovascular Diseases (including prior heart attack, pacemakers, arrhythmias)
- Chronic diseases with symptoms of decompensation or terminal illness
- Cancer, unless it is prescribed by a doctor
- Acute somatic and viral diseases
- Epilepsy
- Detached retina

- Glaucoma
- Mental disorders (manic disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder etc)
- Strokes, TIA´s, seizures or other brain/neurological conditions
- A history of aneurysms in your immediate family
- Use of prescription blood thinners
- Hospitalized for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis within the past 10 years (including psychotic episodes).