Awaken, heal & transform your Womb Energy

And discover the new YOU!

Do you want to:

Embark on a transformational journey?
Learn how to take full responsibility for your life?
Release your Womb from trauma and wounding?
Clear yourself from your ancestral pain and suffering?
Connect to the divine masculine and release yourself from imprints received through the wounded masculine?
Explore your feminine distortions and consciously move away from them?
Learn how to work on a collective level?
Connect to your divine femine energy and essence?
Learn how to set energetic boundaries?
Have greater clarity on your true purpose?
And start the rest of your amazing life that lays ahead of you?


Transformational Womb Healing journey - ONLINE October 2021

If  any of these sentences are resonating with you, this online journey might be 'just' what you are looking for.

In these weeks we will journey deeply into our core wounds and release them from our womb, our cells and our DNA.

Did you know that your Womb is like a magnet and when we have imprints received by others or energetically still hold on to trauma that you have experienced you are keeping yourself in a dynamic that gives us the same old story again and again and again? Download my free video here, so you can listen to a more detailed version of the benefits of healing and transforming your womb energy.

Womb Healing is a very powerful journey to help you connect back to your authentic self. All the practices are based on the principle that we are all healers and we have the ability to heal ourselves. In these journeys I teach you how to connect to your Source energy and how to work with this to heal your womb from invasion, imprints, trauma and beliefs. Many women have worked with me before and they all have felt safely held during the ceremonies. Often they have made some life changing decisions after this healing work that is more in alignment with what they truly want in their lives. Go to testimonials if you would like to know more about their journeys.

This is an online programme, which gives you the possibility to stay in your own safe space and you do not need to travel. Perfect for those who feel the call to work with me, but cannot travel to Ibiza. Or for those who would like to deepen their Womb work. 

We will be connecting through Zoom and the session will be recorded and send afterwards to you, including background information and the practices.

What is included?

  • Video to awaken your 3 feminine centers and prepare for the journey.
  • 8 LIVE 1,5 hour sessions 
  • Recordings of the LIVE sessions, so you can repeat the work whenever you like
  • Closed Facebook Group for feedback and sharing during the week.

 The online circle will be held on:

Monday 25 October 2021
Monday 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 November 2021
Monday 6, 13 December 2021

Time 10.30-12.00 CET


Price: €199,-

YES! I want to book the program!

What will we be doing:

Week 1 – Listen to your Womb & Womb Healing

We are all unique beings and therefor the story of our Womb is unique too. In this practice I am creating the space to learn to listen to our Womb and to let her communicate with us. After this special practice we will be continuing to spiral deeper into our Womb and to help her heal what she is ready for to heal.

Week 2 – Ancestral Healing

Many of our beliefs, patterns and wounding are actually not ours, but have been transmitted through our ancestral lineages. In this ceremony I will be guiding you into a practice where we will invite in the ancestors of you maternal lineage. This is a healing ceremony for you, as well as for your maternal ancestors. An absolute magical experience and a powerful way to heal (part of) your motherwound.

Week 3 – Healing the masculine energy

Our perspective on the masculine energy is not always clean and clear. In this ceremony I will share detailed information around the masculine energy when it is divine and when it is distorted and it will become visible where you are carrying imprints inside of you that is the distorted masculine energy.  We will clear these imprints and invasion from our Womb to open the portal and being able to invite in the divine masculine energy.

Week 4 – Healing the feminine energy

Our feminine energy has been traumatized. Through patriarchy, through society, through events and experiences in our lives (and past lives). This has led us to feel empty and alone and is the root cause of the distortions in our feminine energy. The solution is Soul Retrieval, which we will be doing in this ceremony. Calling back the parts of ourselves that we have shattered in this live (and past lives) and help us to feel whole and complete again.

Week 5 – Restoring our boundaries

Our body is our temple, is a sentence we hear often. But how can we experience this and embody it? This is what we will be working on in this session. We will look at the situations where we have been invaded, causing our energy to shatter and disperse, but we will also have a closer look to whom we are leaking out our energy. Both patterns are draining us, so we want to fill our cup right?

Week 6 – Clearing of Co-dependent bonds

A journey into unconditional love and restoring our (close) relationships. Co-dependent bonds are ways of connecting with each other, but the reality is that these bonds are highly toxic and draining you and the person you are connected with. Clearing these bonds is an act of love and it helps to make the sacred temple even stronger because all that energy will come back to where it belongs: you!

 Week 7 – Meeting your inner sacred woman/guide

A journey into the mystical black light. This is a deep shamanic journey where you are releasing yourself on a physical, emotional and energetic level. You are journeying back to your essence, your zero point of your existence where you can experience who you are without all these layers around you and meet your inner sacred woman.

Week 8 – Restoring the womb-earth connection

To be in connection with the earth is our feminine birthright. This journey is to celebrate you and your Womb and to ground all the wisdom into the earth and to receive the wisdom of the earth back into you! We will also plant a seed of manifestation to help you on continuing your journey!