Healing Modality

Healing Breathwork

Breathwork can help with the following:

Releasing limiting beliefs
Ease anxiety and depression
Releasing emotions such as anger, rage, grief, fear etc.
Releasing blockages on an energetic, emotional or physical level
Establishing a strong(er) connection with yourself
Opening your heart
Opening up for new possibilities in life (career, creativity, spiritual insights etc)
Healing/overcoming trauma on an energetic and emotional level (abuse, birth trauma, childhood trauma, school trauma etc.)
Becoming aware of and changing your behavioral patterns
Bringing peace, joy and freedom in your life
Seeing yourself as who you really are
Increasing self-love and overcoming the lack of it

What is Healing Breathwork?

Healing Breathwork is a breathwork technique in which you are being challenged to breath consistently in and out through the mouth without any breaks in between.  The goal is to create a flow of energy in and out of the body that helps to release the emotions and memories that are no longer serving. In other words: it will help you to access your subconscious consciousness and empowers you to heal yourself on a cellular level. 

Subconscious consciousness

In your subconsciousness you hold on to emotional trauma and pain that you have suppressed, avoided or sometimes even forgotten. By Healing Breathwork you can access this subconsciousness  and you can heal these wounds and pains from the past. Often these wounds and pains come from your birth, your childhood and young adolescence life, but it could also be that you are experiencing past life memories. It will help you to process these pains and to transform this energy and your emotions.

Breathwork also helps you to bring you in an altered state of awareness which can help you to receive the highest guidance available to you. This can shift your spiritual consciousness and can help to get more in alignment with yourself. To be the radiant, vibrant being that you are in essence.

What can we carry experience during a session?

When you are on a Breathwork journey you can experience deep emotional and energetic releases, or you can become aware of physical pain that you have held onto.

You can also become extremely aware of your resistance and controlling behavioral patterns in yourself. For many people Breathwork feels like an Ayahuasca experience, but without the side effect of this powerful plant.

Learning this technique gives you the tool to breathe into past trauma, (stuck) emotions, energy and memories. It will help to bring this awareness into a present state and gives the opportunity to process and integrate the experience and then release it. 

The healing is in the feeling

Breathwork is based on the principle: ´The Healing is in the Feeling`. This means that until we feel our emotions we heal. In other words, you can run, but you cannot get away. Most of us spend a lot of time and energy fighting and/or avoiding feeling our feelings. But true freedom and empowerment comes when we learn to sit with our feelings and allow them to pass through us. A Breathwork session will give you the ultimate experience to feel everything that wants to be felt and seen. 

How can connected Breathwork help?

Just like Womb Awakening, there are endless possibilities to work with Connected Breathwork. Each person is on a different journey and unique. No matter how many sessions you may have done, there is always something else coming up. Sometimes it is release, other moments it helps to integrate.

Having that said, this work is for those who are ready to dive deep and willing to transform their lives in a powerful way. 

After a Breathwork session you can feel:

– An expanded experience of love
-Enriched gratitude and joy of being alive
– More peace and less stress
– Empowered to create the kind of life you want
– Enhanced physical well-being
– Loving relationships
– In connection with your true infinite nature
– Deep sense of forgiveness
– A deep sense of belonging
– Relief and feeling light


Although Breathwork is very safe, there are a few contraindications that are not allowing participation in a Breathwork Session. If you recognize yourself in any of these contraindications please always let me know in advance and if you have any doubt, always check with a GP if you are allowed to participate.

– Pregnancy
– Chronic pulmonary diseases (COPD, Asthma)
– Cardiovascular Diseases (including prior heart attack, pacemakers, arrhythmias)
– Chronic diseases with symptoms of decompensation or terminal illness
– Cancer, unless it is prescribed by a doctor
– Acute somatic and viral diseases
– Epilepsy
– Detached retina
– Glaucoma
– Mental disorders (manic disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder etc)
– Strokes, TIA´s, seizures or other brain/neurological conditions
– A history of aneurysms in your immediate family
– Use of prescription blood thinners
– Hospitalized for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis within the past 10 years (including psychotic episodes).