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So many people have asked me over the year what it is that I do? Well, basically it is about bringing you back into your body and aligning yourself with your highest purpose. But that is such a brief explanation for such profound work that I felt the call to record a video in which I explain it in a … Read More

Why Womb Awakening?

Do you currently find it hard to really feel what is inside of you? Do you find it hard to stay true to yourself or to set any kind of boundaries? Do you find yourself often scrolling on social media trying to find that ONE message that will lift you up? Do you feel you are drowning sometimes in all … Read More

You have a choice

On monday the 16th of March I returned home in the evening after being in an intense Shamanic journey for 6 days. I haven’t written much about this yet, but these 6 days are a part of a 2 year journey where we will travel round the Inca Medicine Wheel. The first direction was the south and it pushed me … Read More

Join me in my first online retreat!

The retreat is a beautiful mix of Sacred Womb Awakening practices and some tools and practices I have learned in my Shamanic Training. As we may all feel unsafe and insecure and maybe even fearful and anxious, this might be just the ‘thing’ you need. I am really happy to be able to present you my first online retreat. Straight … Read More


I don’t know how you are feeling at the moment and what your situation is. But here on Ibiza, we are locked-up in our houses for over a week. And for us it is ‘only’ a week, as the people in Italy have been in lockdown since 20th of february. It seems that the only thing we talk about at … Read More