You have a choice

On monday the 16th of March I returned home in the evening after being in an intense Shamanic journey for 6 days. I haven’t written much about this yet, but these 6 days are a part of a 2 year journey where we will travel round the Inca Medicine Wheel. The first direction was the south and it pushed me … Read More

Join me in my first online retreat!

The retreat is a beautiful mix of Sacred Womb Awakening practices and some tools and practices I have learned in my Shamanic Training. As we may all feel unsafe and insecure and maybe even fearful and anxious, this might be just the ‘thing’ you need. I am really happy to be able to present you my first online retreat. Straight … Read More


I don’t know how you are feeling at the moment and what your situation is. But here on Ibiza, we are locked-up in our houses for over a week. And for us it is ‘only’ a week, as the people in Italy have been in lockdown since 20th of february. It seems that the only thing we talk about at … Read More