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`As we let our light shine, we give others the permission to do the same.´  Marianne Williamson

I truly believe in the self-healing ability of every human being and the incredible wisdom our body contains. I believe that the world becomes a better place if we would all do our inner work and reconnect to our Soul. I believe that this can cause a ripple effect. The more we awaken and deepen our connection to soul, the more we can invite others to do the same by our leading example.


Healing Modalities

There are several different approaches and healing modalities I offer. I am a certified Womb Awakening Practioner and Breathwork Practitioner and teacher. I have completed a Munay-Ki training and the Inca Shamanic Medicine Wheel. Although you can book a specific session, I love to blend these different modalities into one, which I call Soul Journeyz. Have a read what all these modalities can do for you and feel free to book a free 15 minute introduction call with me to explore the possibilities!

Womb Awakening & Healing

The womb is our sacred feminine center. It is within this energy center that we can find who we truly are. Our sacred wise woman and our authentic truth. This center is a long forgotten one and is an energy center that is accessible for both men and women and also for women who have had a hysterectomy.


Healing Breathwork is a breathwork technique in which you are being challenged to breath consistently in and out through the mouth without any breaks in between.  The goal is to create a flow of energy in and out of the body that helps to release the emotions and memories that are no longer serving. 

Find your Bliss booking session olnline womb awakening

Shamanic Ceremonies

These ceremonies are powerful journeys in which I combine the different techniques I have mastered over the years. Past life regression, rebirthing, shamanic journeys, ancestral healing, soul retrieval and drumming ceremonies are just a few to name. I also offer Plant Medicine Journeys in private and group settings.

Find your Bliss booking session olnline womb awakening


I offer several private and group retreats in the mountains of the Costa Blanca in Spain. These retreats are based on the principle to reconnect to the Great Mother Nature and our Soul´s essence.


I offer several private and group retreats in the mountains of the Costa Blanca in Spain. These retreats are based on the principle to reconnect to the Great Mother Nature and our Soul´s essence.


All my ceremonies (except for shamanic drumming) are available online. I have been active working online since 2018. In the past years these ceremonies have proven to be successful and transformational to be held online. My vision is that doing this work online is very empowering as you are doing everything by yourself with a some gentle guidance from my side. At the moment I am only offering private sessions online and the Online Mentorship Program. 

My Mentorship

As a teacher for several different platforms to teach the healing modalities I offer, I have discovered that one of my passions is to help practitioners, facilitators, healers and so on, to really boost their practices and gifts. My mentorship sessions are to check what your blockages are, where the energy doesn’t flow or insecurities are present and to discover how these can be transformed so that your work can start to flow. It is focused on clarity and energetic blocks and weaving all your gifts into one.

Mentorship Group program 2024

I am so thrilled to offer a new and more intense mentorship group program for 2024. This program will focus on how you can rise as a practitioner and to move through any limitations that are holding you back. 

121 Mentorship program

If you want a personalized approach for you to rise as a practitioner there is the option to work with me in private sessions. We will target what is limiting you in your role as practitioner so that you can shine your light more into the world!

About Marjolein

From a career focused fast life to peace & tranquility in Spain..

It may seem as if I have been doing this work all my life, but for a long time I was caught up in a career focused life. Deadlines, status, money, focusing on appearance were more present in my vocabulary then healing, transformation or shamanism.

I grew up in Arnhem, a city in The Netherlands. My mother was always home, my father worked a lot to support the family. I remember my home as being a safe space, school was another story. I have been bullied from 6 to 12 years old. Always being the outsider and feeling very unsafe and experiencing a lot of betrayal. I preferred to play with boys, as they were more honest. I now understand that these 6 years were the foundation of some very unhealthy behavior and beliefs and were part of the reason why I focused so much on the external rather than my internal world. 

I moved to a small town close to Utrecht where the rebellious version of myself came up. And in my teenage years I learned to focus more on what the world expected from me rather than what I wanted. After graduating from university I started to work commercial jobs focusing on money, status, career etc. This all led to my first burnout in 2009 which was the kickoff of some major shifts and changes. 

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The power of Soul Retrieval

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What happens energetically when we experience trauma?

What happens energetically when we experience trauma?

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My personal journey – the Womb Awakening(1)

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