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Sacred Womb Awakening is a self empowering practice that helps both men and women to reconnect to their inner source of wisdom.
The womb is one of our 3 sacred feminine centers and it is the center of power and creativity. When we connect the power of our Womb and to the love in our Heart, we become the best version of ourselves and we start to live our soul’s purpose.
Interested? This is what I offer at the moment:

Journey of your SOUL

A transformational winter circle for women on IBIZA

Are you ready to rise like a phoenix from the ashes?

Then this powerful winter circle might be what you are looking for. It's a combination of Womb Awakening, shamanic healing, breathwork and other shamanic medicines.

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8 week ONLINE Womb Awakening circle

Heal, transform and restore your Womb Energy.

Starting October 6th at 21.00 CET

For more information & the full program, click the link below.

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3 Week Womb Awakening video course

Created to awaken your Womb energy in your own time and pace

Listen to the voice within

A 3 week video course where you will learn how to consciously connect to your Womb and start your healing journey.

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