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Welcome to my life's work: Blissfinderz. I am a Shamanic Healing & Womb Awakening Practitioner and a Breathwork Facilitator. It is my mission to help people to restore balance in their lives by reconnecting them to their inner light and to help them raise their vibration.
All my practices are build on the foundation that we have a self healing ability. So I will guide you into a self healing journey using various techniques that emphasizes this healing. 
Sacred Womb Awakening is a self empowering practice that helps you to reconnect to your inner source of wisdom and the feminine aspects of yourself. The womb is one of our 3 sacred feminine centers and it is the center of power and creativity. It functions like a magnet and we attract what our Womb Energy is radiating out. When your Womb Energy is contaminated, it means that you are radiating this out into the world and you are attracting the same situations over and over again. When the Womb Energy is clear, it means that you are attracting situations that are in alignment with your highest self. 
Connected Breathwork is a powerful way to clear blockages and stagnant energies from your physical, emotional, mental and energetic self. It is a way to connect to your highest self and to move through the limiting beliefs you have about yourself. It awakens the inner shaman in you and brings you to your core self. Although a breathwork session can be intense, most people feel much lighter after only 1 session already. Feeling they are more in alignment with themselves and feeling a flow of inspiration rushing through. Making changes in their lives that were waiting to be made for a very long time for example. The experience can be physical, emotional and very visual. Some of my clients compare a breathwork session with a psychedelic experience they have had. 
The Shamanic Practices I offer are for example the Illumination Healing. This healing journey is meant to work on the themes which have made you suffer the most in your life. Seeing and understanding this and then release this from the 8 chakras by using shamanic breathing techniques and the spirit animals: the snake, the jaguar, the hummingbird and the eagle. This illumination healing journey has helped me to work on my sexual blockages, lack of feeling free(dom), not having enough and being enough, trusting life and guilt. But there are so many wounds that can be healed through this proces. Other Shamanic practices I offer are for example Soul Retrieval, Past life regression, rebirthing, Shamanic journey, Shamanic drumming ceremonies and ancestral healing. 
There are so many different ways to work with me. I offer group work, video courses and 121 sessions. All my work can be done both in person as online. Have a look at this page to check the online offerings I have at the moment and the live courses I will be running. Some of the work is women only, but I also offer my work to men and couples. 
In the past 4 years I have been working with men and women all around the globe. One thing they are all giving back to me is that they have felt safe and held throughout their journey. Some of the journeys we have worked on deep trauma such as sexual and physical abuse. Deeply held wounds from this lifetime, past lifetimes and ancestral lineages. But also reconnecting people to find a greater sense of their purpose, reconnecting them to their sexuality and sensuality and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within themselves. 
If you feel the call to explore more, feel free to contact me. Sign up for my newsletter and download the Womb Awakening introduction video to tune into my energy for example. Read the blogs I have been writing or join one of my free meditations I am running regularly.
I would love to meet you and explore how we can create magic in your life!
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