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What are shamanic healing ceremonies?

In a shamanic ceremony I am opening the gateway to assist you in journeying into the non-physical world. In other words: I am letting you go to an altered state of consciousness helping you to connect to divine forces and universal creative energy with the purpose for guidance or healing. 

Shamanic healing focuses on the spiritual aspect of illnesses and imbalances. It helps to remove the blockages that are preventing you to really embrace your life force energy. Very often when we are experiencing a challenge in life there is an underlying dynamic that can stem from various lifetimes. This involves imprints that we still have active in ourselves as well as contracts that are involved that want to be cleared so we can step out of a certain behavior. 

When you are embarking on a shamanic ceremony with me, we will first target the issue and state a clear intention for the journey. In that moment we will decide how to do the journey and we are opening the energy field to work with. 

I also offer Plant Medicine ceremonies privately and in small groups. If you are interested in one of these you can contact me by booking a 15 minute introduction call and I will explain the process.

How can these ceremonies help you?

When you are experiencing a challenge in life, or you are seeking for guidance and clarity a Shamanic Ceremony can be of great assistance to you. These ceremonies are deep and profound experiences and request an open heart. They are not quick fixes and will sometimes take you to places that you have been trying to avoid.

Often these ceremonies are related to deep shadow work. And there is no reverse. When you are curious about Shamanic Journeys and you are feeling the call to explore this can be a wonderful way for example to meet your power animal and receive healing and/or guidance. But when you are receiving this guidance you are meant to follow it! In general these ceremonies will bring you back to your alignment right in this moment. 

My background in Shamanism

My interest in Shamanic Medicine was sparked a few years ago when I met Tom and Petra who are Shamanic Drummers. They recognized my shamanic energy and took me under their wings. Teaching me about the magic of the drum, Nepalese Mantras and Rape and Ayahuasca medicine. I also embarked with my teacher Margaluna (AmmaNacer on Ibiza) on an Inca Medicine Wheel. With her I walked all the directions and gathered more information and teachings. I have completed a Munay Ki training from Alberto Villoldo and joined a lot of his teachings. And over the time I started to attract clients who challenged me to use Shamanic Medicine within their private sessions. These were my biggest teachings as within the moment I knew how I could help them with Shamanic Medicine. Some say that working within the Shamanic field of energy is a calling and for me it went this way. I am continuously reading and learning more and more, currently working with Shamanic Spirit Medicine in Hawaii to learn more and to root more in this field of wisdom. 

Clients often call me a Shaman, but I feel resistant in taking on this title. I prefer to proudly say that I am walking the Shamanic Medicine Path and evolving as a human being on this path with no expectations or outcomes to this. There are no goals, there is only the now and the awareness that spirit is everywhere around me and that I am being guided and simply can surrender onto this path. 



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