Healing Modality

Womb Awakening
& Healing

Do you want to feel more energetic, grounded and calm?
Do you want to create healthy relationships? Do you want to create a life full of abundance and flow?
Do you want to learn how to set clear and gentle boundaries and keep your energy for yourself.
Do you want to understand why certain patterns keep coming back in your life?
Do you want to find your life´s purpose?
Do you want to explore your sacred feminine center and live more throughout your feminity?
Do you want to have a clear perspective on who you really are?
Do you want to heal your mother wound?
Do you feel ´stuck´ in life and need to find guidance from within?

Did you answer one or more questions with a yes? I recommend you to start working with Sacred Womb Awakening.

The Womb as a Energy Center

The womb is our sacred feminine center. It is within this energy center that we can find who we truly are. Our sacred wise woman and our authentic truth. When I started working and connecting with my womb I noticed that I started to follow a different path. I became more aware of my own energy and my energy field and I am listening closer to my needs. I have also questioned a lot of the patterns within my life and I am observing everything that is still serving me and what is not and I am still within this process. For me womb work is all about finding my true self.

Everything is stored within

Within the womb we store all our memories from this lifetime and past lifetimes. We also have all our trauma stored within our womb. By clearing these traumas and experiences you are giving your womb the possibility to expand and grow again and this will result in a more flowing and abundant life and you will give yourself the possibility to step into your own power.

What we carry in our womb

So is it necessary to have experienced any trauma? Definitely not. But very often we carry the trauma within us coming from our family (ancestral) lines. We are not always aware of these stored traumas. As an example I can give you that I have never experiences sexual or physical abuse in this lifetime. However I do have experienced extreme violence in past lives that resulted in a fear of expressing myself and speaking my truth. Now, the use of my voice and speaking my truth is one of my powers. And even bigger, the truth that I speak comes from my feminine core center: my womb.

The power of our womb

Womb Awakening is super powerful and will take you to light but also dark places. It will give you a clear perspective on the side of you that you want to avoid: your shadow side. Tuning in to your shadow side takes willpower and courage. But if you dare to look your shadow in the eye you will see and understand how this helps you grow.

How womb awakening can help?

There are endless possibilities to work with your womb. And even if you keep doing the same practise for a while, each time it will show a different result. Each person is unique and for each person the outcome will be different. What will be the same is that everyone who works with their womb will discover their own wisdom coming from within and that each person has an incredible way to heal himself.

Download the free video here!

I have made a free video in which I am explaining more about Womb Awakening, my own journey and a free practice to give it a try!