The past couple of weeks I have been working intensely on trauma release with multiple clients. Trauma or traumatic experiences leave scars in our body and energy and keeps us often in a dynamic that is not in our highest good. I have also noticed that the word trauma brings up resistance. So I want to take this opportunity to write about trauma and what is does in our body to bring clarity to this subject.

Let´s specify the word trauma. Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms a person´s ability to cope. It can cause feelings of helplessness, diminishes the sense of self and the ability to feel a full range of emotions and experiences. Trauma can be all sorts of events. Often when we think about trauma, we belief that this kind of trauma needs to be physical or sexual trauma, such as abuse, rape etc. But trauma can also be caused on a more subtle level. For example, as a baby you have been crying and your parents haven’t heard you or didn’t response. For whatever reason, they didn’t respond to your needs and this caused the body to memorize it as a traumatic experience leaving imprints, negative beliefs etc. 

What I have experienced over the past few years working on trauma release, is that often these traumatic experiences come as surprises. With our mind we haven´t always registered these experiences as traumatic, but on the level of our body and soul we have. In the case with the memory of being a baby which hasn’t been heard, had caused for this particular client a long journey of feeling abandoned and not heard or seen. The root of these beliefs was the experience she had as a baby. 

If we experience any kind of trauma, it affects our masculine and feminine energies. It leaves a scar or an imprint (or both) in our wombs, our bodies and our energy that causes certain limiting beliefs to be created. I am not loved, I am not being seen, I am not safe, it is ok to be invaded are just a few examples. The imprint affects our masculine energy, the shattering of our energy is connected to our distorted feminine energy.

What trauma does energetically is it leaves our energy to shatter, parts of our soul, of our being, are leaving the body and when these soul parts leave the body, there is an emptiness that stays within. This inner emptiness is the foundation of some very unhealthy relationship patterns. In my Practitioner training, the term `The hollow queen` was used. This hollow queen is the woman (but of course it is also for men) who has experienced trauma on some level, leaving her shattered. But because she was not taught how to call back these parts of herself, she starts to try and fill herself up with energy of others. This is the foundation of the distortions in our feminine energy, but also often the core wounding that is underneath co-dependency. Co-dependent bonds are energetic threads that hook themselves into the energy of other people in order to draw energy from it. When we create these bonds, we lose a sense of self. Ultimately these bonds are leaving you and the other person feeling drained and exhausted.

To capture the above, what happens when we experience trauma?

  • You are being invaded or imprinted
  • Your energy shatters and disperses leaving you with a feeling of inner emptiness
  • You have started the foundation of unhealthy relationships in order to fill yourself up
  • Finding it hard to navigate your life and make life choices for yourself
  • Finding it hard to set boundaries
  • Your womb (or hara for men)  energy holds this imprint or invasive energy within her and will repeat to attract similar invasive energies.

How can unprocessed sexual trauma manifest in the body?

  • Intimacy issues
  • Living in the head space
  • Seeking approval in relationships, becoming dependent on others for your own well being
  • Addictions
  • Feeling unsafe and ungrounded in the body
  • Illnesses and disbalances in the hormones or sexual organs
  • For women, strong PMS symptoms or bleeding excessively during their moon time

Whenever you have experienced trauma, it is important you find the right therapists and support in order to help you to live with this experience and navigate through life. This is absolutely key in your healing process. When you have been able to work through this and you are ready to release this on an emotional and energetic level, this is where I can step in.  

If you feel the need to talk to me and how to work with the traumatic events that you have experienced in your life, please send me a message to see if it is appropriate to work with me.