Working with this shamanic medicine has been a big shift in my own personal healing journey and the past months I have been holding space for many clients to help them retrieve their wisdom back into themselves. Working with energy and using terms like soul retrieval can be quite confusing when you are new to it, so I am taking the opportunity here to tell you a little bit more about it. 

Soul Retrieval is as I said already a shamanic medicine. In old traditional ways the shaman journeys and helps you to bring these parts back to you. This soul retrieval is necessary when we have experienced soul loss. Soul loss happens when we experience trauma, when we experience invasion or when we encounter difficult situations with other people where on some level we have been hurt. 

In my previous blog I talk about what energetically happens in the body when we experience trauma. We shatter and disperse vital parts of our energy and our soul. When this happens, our energy leaves the body and we make space for the invasive energies to enter our body and we can feel empty on some level. Unfortunately, in the western world we haven’t been taught how to fill ourselves up with our own energy and how to call them back. And in all honesty, this is such an easy practice that I would really like to create more awareness around this. 

Let me give you a down to earth example of shattering energy. Yesterday I walked my dog. I went to a place that I go to more often. This time he found the chicken and started to chase them. As he was busy playing with them the owner of the house came and started shouting and screaming at me. I won´t go into details but her harsh words hit me into my bones. I felt instantly what was energetically happening in my body. These words hit some old pain and I felt my energy leaving my body. I had to stay very close to my heart to communicate with her and decided in the end to move away from the moment and come back 30 minutes later. I was shaking, upset, hurt and angry at the same time. With all the awareness I had, I decided to sit down in a field and starting to call back those parts of me. I released the invasion and allowed myself to restore myself. I thanked myself for being able to stay in my heart and at the same time choose myself. The shattered me was not able to communicate with her, the full me was able to go back and talk, apologize and find a solution. 

This is just an example what can happen in everyday life. Such a short moment can influence us in the future. But with the understanding and the history of soul retrieval I managed to not only soothe myself, but also create space for her speaking her truth and hurt from a place of love. 

I want to take you on to a deeper understanding as well here. As we are multidimensional beings and we have experienced multiple lives, we can be very sure that we have shattered our energies. A lot of emptiness doesn’t come from traumatic experiences we have lived in this life. I have noticed that many of the women I have worked with journey back to past lives where they have been burned, killed and abused as a result of the Patriarchal order. On some level we still carry these memories inside of ourselves and in reality these missing parts are waiting to be called back. 

What are signs that we need Soul Retrieval?

  • When you are feeling low on energy 
  • When you are experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety and distanced from yourself
  • When you experience being homesick for no reason
  • When you feel an inner emptiness
  • When you are experiencing feelings of unsettledness
  • When you have no vital energy towards yourself
  • When you are feeling drained after a meeting, conversation, client etc

When we start to work with this medicine, we start to create an awareness around our energy field. I like to call this energy field our Sacred Temple. The more we fill up our temple, the stronger our energetic boundaries are. When we have this awareness integrated in our bodies, it also helps to take responsibility for yourself. I hear a lot of people say that they cannot be around other people because they are so sensitive. They feel drained by other people. But from my perspective this is victim mentality. Because when we are aware and taking responsibility for ourselves, we can start to feel the need to protect our energies. It is not them taking the energy from you, it is you allowing other people to drain your energy. For me, this is the biggest power of working with Soul Retrieval. 

It is a beautiful journey to connect back to these parts of you. You are literally drawing in more awareness and wisdom into your being. You are receiving clarity on your inner emptiness and loneliness. You are starting the experience what it is like to be full of yourself. It is an instant change in your life. And it is a tool that can be used in your daily life.

This is my ritual in the evening when I finish my work or the day. I take a shower and feel where my body is empty. Then I command the parts that I have shattered during the day. I keep calling them back and allow my hands to receive them and put them into my body where it feels empty. This is a 2-3 minute ritual that sustains my body and my energy. In the beginning it took me a lot of time, but after 2 years this has become a simple practice that takes little time. 

This Saturday the 6th of March I am offering a Soul Retrieval Circle, where I will be diving deeper into the material and teach you how to embark on your journey! Have a look here what the session is going to look like!