Whilst just passing my exam of Module 2 of my Breathwork Facilitation course I took a moment of time to reflect on what this powerful work has given me and to see how this can be integrated with my other love Womb Awakening. Two beautiful natural tools that I have been studying and practicing. And I feel they can support each other beautifully in your healing process.

Womb Awakening is focusing on your feminine aspect and energy. Healing, transforming and restoring this and bringing more awareness around your feminine aspects. This work is incredible needed in this world where we are being asked to change our perspective on many beliefs we have. In Womb Awakening I really teach women to take full responsibility for their lives no matter how difficult the challenges have been on their journey. I also work deeply in this work on our own shadow aspects and accepting these. It helps to bring up the suppressed emotions that we have stored inside of our Wombs that are suppressing our divine feminine essence. By unlocking and freeing these energies we are connecting back to our natural essence.

Breathwork supports this healing, transforming and restoring process, but focuses on the whole body and energy field and not only the womb. The way I have perceived the work is that Womb Awakening has helped me to awaken my feminine essence and breathwork has helped me to shift beliefs I have received throughout my life. For example around my birth, my childhood and my early adolescence.

As Womb awakening brings up shadow and dark aspects of yourself, I have found that Breathwork can speed up the process to move through this rapidly. From my perspective Womb awakening is energetic healing and is supported by Breathwork on an emotional and physical level. Also Connected Breathwork is a very powerful tool to overcome certain patterns that are deeply engraved in our body, mind, soul. Often these are beliefs that we have received through our birth and the very early stage of our live and we are simply not aware of it!

And last but not least, I am so grateful for being able to use tools that are so easily available to us. I mean, we have source light available to us at ALL times and breathing is what you do every few seconds. They are such amazing and great teachers and I am blessed to have discovered them and to bring this out into the world in my own unique way!

Would you like to explore Breathwork or Womb Awakening, join me in one of my sessions!