I have been receiving similar information for quite some time now and I feel ready to start sharing this wisdom with those who are interested in reading this. This is my own personal information and my own truth. I do realize that it is possible you are not resonating with it and that’s fine. But I do feel it is a big part of my purpose to raise consciousness on this planet and to help people raising their vibration by connecting to their inner light and themselves.

I have repeatedly received the information that humanity needs to raise its vibration. It is as simple as that. As you are raising the vibration of your body, mind, soul, spirit you are changing your consciousness. You are shifting your reality and changing it into something that is more in alignment of your soul. I can hear lots of you think now, ´well that’s easier said then done´.  And my reply would be: it is actually really simple. Because the thing is, that you always have a choice. You have a choice to walk away, to change your behavior, to post something or not, to move or to stay in it. No matter how difficult the situation is that is presented to you, you can trust that you have a choice.

If you are lacking abundance, you have a choice to look at the beliefs that are blocking you in receiving abundance. Do you find it hard to ask for help? Ask for help. Do you feel lost, go and find the way back. Will it be easy? Probably not, but you have a choice to face your demons and slay them or to stay in the uncomfortable emotions and feelings. 

Do you realize that you can create your own truth? That you are an infinite being and that you can manifest anything in your life? Are you aware of your behaviors, of your way of communicating out into the world? Do you realize that your vibration is being picked up by others? Do you realize that you have the ability to influence others? For example, I use Facebook and other Social Media platforms to reach out to new clients and to share my wisdom and to make myself visible. And as I am scrolling down my line I can see so many news items pass by. When I am in my lower vibrational state I sometimes choose to open news that is affirming this low vibrational state. One of my fears is the lack of freedom. This is something I worked on profoundly but every now and then it comes to say high to me. When this happens I am attracted to news items that confirm this state. The result is that I am vibrating even lower, and lower and lower. I have a choice at that moment to stop reading this and to shift my consciousness to information that is of an higher vibration. I can choose to go offline, spend time in nature, connect to myself and feel these uncomfortable emotions. I choose to feel and then move on. This is not in any way spiritual bypassing, because I simply allow these feelings to be present and not push them away. I choose to face it and consciously move through them by feeling the emotions but not becoming them and move away from the stream of information that comes from the outside world. Instead I connect to my own wisdom. That’s a big difference. 

Back to Social Media, whenever I post something, I do question myself, is this raising the vibration or am I spreading fear? Am I judgmental or am I creating awareness. Big questions, but this is a consciousness I want to work with. I totally agree with the fact that we should create more awareness to what is happening in the world, but I also feel strongly that the way we communicate should be done out of compassion. Not out of the lack of something, the fear, the anger and so on. We can choose to let everyone in the world walk their own path of truth and we don’t have to convince others from our beliefs. If there is one thing I know, is that I don’t know. And so my truth is not THE truth.

Bottom line is, it is not on us to judge someone’s path. It is not our job to decide whether someone should awaken or not. Or worse, to judge others who are not awakened. They may be awakening in their own way, in their own time and pace. We are all on our own journey and we should stay on this journey without trying to force something on another. Having that said, sharing your truth compassionately and sharing our story could help others to clear their path and open up. As you can see or maybe understand it is a thin line on which we are balancing. 

If there is something I have learned over the past few months, is that all the wisdom is inside of us. We don’t have to gather information from outside, we don’t need others to tell us what to do. Living in Spain which often feels like living in a police state has given me the feeling that my freedom was being taken away from me. I felt the urge to fight and flight, but ultimately it was just my own limiting belief that I couldn’t be free. Life can be pretty simple if you feel your own limitless possibilities and freedom. It takes courage and dedication to stay true to this and to maintain this state and in this…you have a choice…every…single…day.