I don’t know how you are feeling at the moment and what your situation is. But here on Ibiza, we are locked-up in our houses for over a week. And for us it is ‘only’ a week, as the people in Italy have been in lockdown since 20th of february.

It seems that the only thing we talk about at this moment is the Corona Virus. When I open Social Media, the subject is Corona Virus. Poooooh, it is difficult to keep the vibration high in these times. I can feel the fear in the collective, I can feel my own frustrations and despair. It is interesting to see what is moving inside of me and what moves inside of humanity.

Yesterday evening my phone was full. Full of all the app groups sending video’s. Full of all news items that were forwarded. So I decided to empty my phone and creating some space. Unfortunately, my phone crashed. No more information, no more WhatsApp, no more access to my bank account. No more login codes and no more pictures of the past few weeks. The spare phone that we had doesn’t seem to be working. And then….I crashed too. Just like that.

All my sadness around accepting this situation. All the fear of the not knowing what will happen. Will I ever see my friends again? Will I ever see my family again? Will it be like this for the rest of our lives? What will this be doing to my son? Will he ever play with his best friend again. All of this came up and I am sitting with it for now. Just by myself.

But…there is also a sunny side to this story. Because of this, I finally took the time to start writing a blog. This has been on my to-do-list for almost a year. So here it is. A blog, straight from the heart.