On monday the 16th of March I returned home in the evening after being in an intense Shamanic journey for 6 days. I haven’t written much about this yet, but these 6 days are a part of a 2 year journey where we will travel round the Inca Medicine Wheel. The first direction was the south and it pushed me to look at my deepest wounds and stories. One of the themes I worked on, was the story I had  created around money and the connection to abundance. This was triggered because of the Corona Virus that meant the cancellation of Find Your Bliss retreats that were booked in spring, which were a big part of my income this year. By looking at this story from different angles I understood what it was teaching me and in those days I was able to transform my story and creating a new one.

Anyway, my return at home was a soft landing. We were just with the 3 of us, which is a very rare situation and I was enjoying it. Being fully in my trust that all will be ok. I managed to stay in contact with the earth, sing songs, create rituals, spend time in nature, making mandala’s in the wood behind our house etc.  I thought this virus situation was a blessing. And then…I started to spend more time on facebook. I started to read more and more articles, listen to conspiracies and got sucked into the world of fear and worries. So this is not a surprise, because with a big BANG, I crashed. Although this was emotionally intense, I managed to quickly work through it. AND, I remembered something really important.

“I cannot control what happens around me, but I  do have a choice how to act upon it. I am fully responsable for my life”.

Right now, it is obvious that the corona virus is influencing our lives immensely and there is little to do but to accept and surrender. Yes, we can fill our days reading more and more news. Yes we can fill our days to fully dive into conspiracy theories. Yes, we can spend our days to worry about the future. But does it help you any further? For me, the answer is NO. It is good to be aware of it all. But I feel it is important to stay close to myself at all times and not let this affect me or my system.

My solution? Self responsability.

Being self responsable is a wonderful tool to work with when you are on your self discovery journey. This gives you the opportunity to really reclaim the power of your life and your soul. Some situations are occuring in your life and they are out of your control (like Corona). But the way you are dealing with it, is your responsibility. You have a choice. And that choice can only be made by you.

Do you decide to be angry with whatever or however you ended up in this situation? Will you stay in blaming others to have put you in this situation? Or do you look into this anger? Looking beyond it to find out what it is telling you? Can you look at the story from a different angle? Can you see the message?

Or, do you feel a victim? Do you stay in this victimhood? Or do you decide to take back your power and change yourself? Seeing that you still have a choice? Dealing with the situation and finding answers and/or solutions?

Will you take a moment to slow down? Do you take a moment to listen to the voices coming from within? Or are you still running around avoiding to listen to what comes from within?

Whatever your choices may be, that is up to you. What I wanted to explain is that we have a choice what role we are playing in our lives. That we can be responsable for our healing journey, for the outcome of things. As a facilitator of Sacred Womb Awakening practices this is one of the first aspects that I teach. We are in control, when we are aware and taking full responsability of our lives!

Have a lovely day!