Do you currently find it hard to really feel what is inside of you? Do you find it hard to stay true to yourself or to set any kind of boundaries? Do you find yourself often scrolling on social media trying to find that ONE message that will lift you up? Do you feel you are drowning sometimes in all the information that is being thrown towards you and do you feel that it is difficult for you to feel YOUR truth?

I am most certainly being challenged to stay centered and I have realized how beneficial my training to become a Sacred Womb Awakening Practitioner is right now.

A big part of my journey, and a part that continues, is to clear my womb from stored emotions, memories and traumas. And when I use the word trauma, I feel the need to explain that sometimes our mind doesnt think that a certain experience is traumatic, but our soul does feel it this way and stores it in the Womb Space. So I try to keep this Womb Space as clear as I possibly can. Giving it the opportunity to keep transforming and clearing.

Bigger picture

Right now, I am noticing that there is a lot of (collective) fear, anger, resentment, grief, sadness and despair present. Also I am feeling these emotions, but I am not allowing them to be stored inside of my Womb Space again. This doesn’t mean I push them away, it means I have the ability to feel and understand the emotion but I try not to attach myself to it or to the story. I can look at the story from different angles and see it from all perspectives and if I do feel I am storing it, I gently release it.

Grounded and safe

Also, connecting and aligning with your Sacred Womb Space is a wonderful opportunity to ground and feel safe within yourself. It is the feminine way to feel a strong connection to nature and mother earth. It is essential for us to be in connection to the earth. By working through layers of trauma, memories and behavioral patterns I managed to deepen my connection into the earth. In times where there is so much information available to us from Social Media News and Main Stream news and all the opinions of followers of these truths, it may seem difficult to stay truthful to yourself. Very often this is a sign of nog being grounded and connecting to the womb can be a way to become more grounded, because you are embodying yourself more. You are literally returning into your body.


When we are returning to ourselves, we can start to call back parts of ourselves that have gone missing. In shamanism this is called soul retrieval. In Womb Awakening, this is an area where we are working in profoundly. In short, when we experience some sort of trauma, we are shattering parts of ourselves. Leaving parts of our energy behind, which leads to the feeling of emptiness. When we start to call back these missing parts of ourselves, this means that we are starting to become whole again. We are starting to feel more full of ourselves. When this happens, we start to feel our purpose and our truth of who we are much more. For me, this has been a massive process, which I will be sharing more about in another blog.

Heal or suppress?

Connecting to your Sacred Womb Space can be a beautiful experience. For me it was like the voice I had been hearing all of my life, suddenly made sense. She is soothing, warm and loving. However, healing your Womb from trauma, memories and beliefs is not a walk in the park. This is the real deal. If you have been pushing away memories or supressing emotions, these will come up. It is a journey for only the brave. Those who are really ready to see who they really are. The parts of you that you love, the parts of you that are really not so nice to look at. It is a journey of learning how to be 100% self responsable for your life.

So what are you going to do in this lockdown? And the period that follows after? Are you going to suppress all that happened? Or are you ready to face your triggers and transform them?

It’s up to you.

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