The retreat is a beautiful mix of Sacred Womb Awakening practices and some tools and practices I have learned in my Shamanic Training. As we may all feel unsafe and insecure and maybe even fearful and anxious, this might be just the ‘thing’ you need.

I am really happy to be able to present you my first online retreat. Straight from the safe space of your home! No need to travel, no need to move. Just one click on your computer and voila…you are on board.

For me personally, connecting to nature and to Mother Earth has been a significant change. I now understand even more why I was drawn to these practices over the past few months. Exploring new practices to connect from my Womb into the earth has been my main journey for the past 2 months. At the moment this connection is the only thing that keeps me sane…;-)

If you are struggling at the moment or if you feel you want to keep your vibration high or maybe even higher, this is a wonderful opportunity. Normally I would charge €149 for this retreat, but as I want to help others as much as possible, I am lowering my price to €99,-.

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